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In the UK, dyslexia and related learning problems
affect about 10% of people of all ages (BDA, 2014).

Are you at UNIVERSITY, or thinking about it? I can
help! To get you started, here's a useful OU booklet.


"Dyslexia never stopped Da Vinci or Einstein. It's not stopping you."

Quote from Doctor Who (The Hungry Earth: Series 5, Episode 8).

I am a professional dyslexia assessor and teacher. I provide a private assessment, tutoring and development service to children, students and adults in the Somerset area.

I know that exploring and really understanding how someone learns best is the first step to realising their full potential.

Is Dyslexia holding you back?

Dyslexia is a broad term for a range of difficulties that affect a person's ability to learn. Often it isn't just one thing: some people not only have trouble with reading and writing but with memory, co-ordination and organising themselves.

What can we do about it?

Dyslexia need not stop anyone. There's an enormous amount that can be done. And there's a long list of successful dyslexic people too, from Albert Einstein to Jamie Oliver!

I guide students towards the learning tools they need to achieve their goals, so that they can begin to enjoy learning - often for the first time.

In essence, after an assessment, I can work directly with students to boost their reading, writing and study skills.

Why use a specialist teacher?

I'm often asked this question. Traditionally, only Educational Psychologists could assess people, but now specialist teachers have been trained to assess students and provide the same detailed reports.

Teachers are better placed to understand the learning process because they have experience of working with students. This gives them a good picture of the way someone responds at school or college, and of course how students feel about themselves.

What next?

To find out how I can help, click on the links above. To telephone or email go to Contact.

I'm happy to have a preliminary chat to explain the pros and cons of the various approaches to dyslexia.

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